Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I want to bottle that up! week until...Halloween!

Do you scare easily?

These critters vant to try and scare you...

 or maybe
 just make you laugh?
 Or be thankful that....
you do not live here.


Well, I do live here and for what ever reason I woke up with an awful "what felt like" sinus headache.  The kind of ache that hurts along your forehead and eye brows.  (Or stressed headache...I have been a little of that lately too) hurt.  What's a girl to do?  I made coffee!!

While I waited for it to brew I inhaled a Sudafed~Non Drowsy~clear the sinus~kind of thing~and some water. done just in time.  One cup went down nicely......insert a little oatmeal mixed with canned pumpkin, chia seeds, a dash (ok half a scoop) of protein powder and a dash of cinnamon.......YUM! I think I need ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE!  

Do you know what 2 cups of coffee, oatmeal juiced up and a NON-drowsy Sudafed does to MY BODY?  Well, I didn't know either...but, I do now.  

It makes me JITTERY!  It gives me ENERGY! It put the ZIP in my LEGS ....I changed into running gear and headed out....I felt like I was flying..although sadly I wasn't....4 miles done in 30 minutes!  HAHAHAHAHAHAH...yea, right!

4 miles...38.11 minutes...but, I felt like superfly I tell you.  I quickly changed showered and changed for work and had my most talkative and productive morning ever.  Life is Good! 

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Mamas Belly said...

YUM that oatmeal sounds *amazing* and way to go on the run! I'm also from Minnesota ;) got you added to my reader!

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