Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Confessions and a Crack ~ Zombie?

 It's the little things right?  I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE morning workouts.  I am a morning person.  It was cloudy and drizzly around here yesterday so I had to postpone my run until almost 1 PM.  UGH....the hills felt tough, the sun felt great and the couple of sprinkles were just fine....then towards the end I noticed I may even get in under 47 minutes....big for me what can I I kicked it down the last tenth of a mile...OH YEA...that's a 7:35 per mile pace you are reading...HA! How do you guys run that fast for a whole marathon?? I was dying but new PR with 2 seconds to spare.  

 Next up.....these shorts....they were actually purchased for one of my daughters in the spring...she ever so sweetly snuck them in the give away pile towards the end of August.  What?! I tried them on...they were and are kind of tight but doable....I kept them thinking I will never wear them out in public.  Well, yesterday I was feeling all matchy and boy did they match with my shirt!!

OH YES, I ran in them~others saw me~ nobody fainted from the sight of my legs~or the fact that the shorts were snug~success! 
 don't mind Rudy...just a quick lick!

 How does THIS happen?  Obviously by the sight of this pan and discolorations it has been used and used well.  Until yesterday.  My new favorite food...spaghetti squash did a number on it I guess....I heard the rack in the oven kind of jump while baking my squash but thought nothing of it.  The buzzer went off and to my surprise when I opened the door I found my STONE..LAST A LIFETIME..cookie sheet cracked in a sweet winding river sort of way...Hmmmm....I am waiting to hear back from the consultant for a replacement as I post.  ;-)

Can you guess what Owen is going to be this Halloween?  No more Clone troopers, Clone commmanders, Bubba Fett and his jet pack, or the Imperial head guy? seems he has been every thing he could be from Star Wars except ChewBacca (sp?)....This year he wanted to go the scarier route....What is scarier than Darth Vader??? 

Did you also know today is Friday for the kiddos?  Tomorrow is MEA (MN Education Association?) where the teachers get together to talk about the kids, clean their rooms, and have long lunches....hahaha or maybe go to meetings and share ideas on how to control these lovely children so they can have the best learning environment possible.  It's two days off and they are excited.


icecreamtomarathon said...

Yay for a PR!! I ran 5 miles this morning too, and got a PR! It was just a few minutes, but every second counts!
Ok, do you know I have had TWO stones break?? I could not believe it! They both just broke around the edges, so I kept using them until I couldn't anymore! Definitely not a lifetime product!
Cute shorts too! Love the colors.

hiker mom said...

Nice work speedy lady! Too bad about the cracked pan:( Hope you can get it replaced. The shorts are cute and don't look snug at all:)

Ginger Foxxx said...

My goal this winter is to run a single mile faster than 8:00 mins. It has never happened before. If people can keep a 7:59 up for 26 miles, than i should at least be able to do it for 1!! And i personally think the shorts are very cute!

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