Thursday, October 25, 2012

cold...CONGRATS!...a PR...and STATE Bound!

 Baby It's COLD outside!! 

 Taking off their warm ups and getting ready to start!

 (Kenzie thought this picture was and is COOL!)
The Start!!!

New PR for Kenzie...2.5miles @ 16:01minutes.

 The Varsity girls minus their #1
(maybe she was talking to the press?)

 Varsity gals with some JV buddies.

7 Runners
2 Alternates
2 Coaches
1 Colder than Cold day
a 2nd place team finish and a trip to STATE next weekend!!

So excited for a very nice and deserving team!


Corrie Anne said...

That's so exciting!!!! I feel cold just looking at the pics!! Good luck to them!

Julie said...

Awesome, way to Kenzie and Lakeville North!!!

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