Saturday, October 27, 2012

closing a cabin the old fashion way.

Hard to believe it was just last Saturday that we were up north, celebrating a soon to be 7 yr. old's birthday, taking out docks, and raking millions of leaves.  Time flies when your having fun? FUN?! Yea, whatever you want to call it......

 so the day started with breakfast
 Then it included a lot of reading and rereading of directions on "How to Close the Cabin" (doesn't every cabin come with that?).... have to thank Grandpa Bob for thinking ahead (years ago) and writing down every thing he did....step by step...even if his hand writing was a little hard to read worked!

 Finally had to tie up Frances ...
(we can't watch her wander down the shore AND 
be aware that 
WE WERE being watched by a certain pilgrim.)

 this is the bathroom.....cozy isn't it?
(I believe there is a water pipe there that he is shutting off?
 or maybe he is taking a break?  
and rereading the directions one more time?)

Oops...just noticed jeans are pulled up...
thank potty breaks allowed while working! ha!
 Be afraid of the rectangle.
This is where one (hubs) must go to actually shut off the main water valve that comes into the cottage.  THIS is also the spot in the spring that we DON'T want to find any water or burst pipes. 
Not too worry we have Confidence in the closer.  ;-)
 dogs are very interested in what is going on down there.

 yep...they are not moving until he gets out.

 the back yard...after raking the million leaves...
oops I see we left a few...

Note: BOTH dogs had to be tied up to that slide for a while...
Why must dogs run, smell and want to taste every thing around a lake?

 I guess he had enough....
Sunday morning we did not fight the kennel as he was worn out from all the fun!

Looking pretty bare....
Another year done.
Good bye 2012 we will see you in about 5 months.

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hiker mom said...

Grandpa Bob was so smart to write it all down!

How have you been spending your time???

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