Monday, October 8, 2012

CC team volunteers at TC Marathon

Sunday seemed to be the day of marathons!  Every blog I have read today has pretty much been a recap of the race they participated in.  Well, we didn't run a race but the LNHS CC team volunteered to help Piper Jaffrey at water station #24 during the TWIN CITIES Marathon!!  Hubby actually drove Kenzie and some kids down, stayed ~ helped and then drove them home.  It was a fun-filled full day!

 There duties started off slow waiting for the runners to finish...the elite or "first" finishers didn't stop at their station at all...they just flew by.  (literally)

  Eventually it did get busier and Kenzie was ready to fill the cups with
wind shield wiper fluid....or looks the same in the jug.  ;-)

 The runners are coming!

Fill'em up kids!

They had a blast.  It was cold to start but overall a nice weather day for a run or to volunteer.  One of Kenzie's coaches ran the 10 miler but they missed her b/c she was at the front of the pack...she finished her 10 miles in 1:05...just a simple 6:34 minute mile pace...Oh, I can't even imagine! Way to go Coach!

My weekend involved work and eating.  Eating out every day to be truthful (something I rarely do!) and my stomach felt it about 4PM Sunday night.  I felt very bloated and just gross...I begged hubs to come run with me b/c I secretly figured if he said no I wouldn't go either BUT HE SAID OK! (, I mean SUPER!) We finally got going by 4:45??? and 5 miles later I felt much better.  

Looking forward to another nice week around here.  And I can't even believe I am saying this but, another dinner out.  Crazy! This time a couple of neighbor ladies and I are going out to celebrate their birthdays that are Oct. 1 and Oct. 10th....then I AM DONE EATING OUT for a while!! 

Fingers Crossed.
Not lying.



Runner Maybe said...

Awesome! I need to volunteer at an event!

Corrie Anne said...

I need to volunteer at a race!! I absolutely love spectating! So fun!! 6:34 pace is crazy fast!!!

How have you been spending your time???

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