Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carving time again

This year (with out advance planning on our part) our pumpkins took on a MOVIE THEME.  Owen knew days ago that his pumpkin was going to be BATMAN.  Not b/c he necessarily likes Batman the movie but he is obsessed with Batman Lego PS3.   (yes, Nicole looks thrilled in the back ground)

 Nicole was silent about her idea until we figured it out on our own....HUNGER GAMES! She googled images on line, printed out a picture~cut~traced and then cut it out of the pumpkin...She worked very hard at it and I think her hard work paid off......Great Job!

 Where is Kenzie you ask?
She was busy finishing her math homework for awhile.....
Doesn't every body have to check Instagram?

Kenzie is usually all about the guys (oops I meant guts....but she has been talking CC guys lately too..ha!) Maybe that was what all the Instagram stuff was about???  Years ago when Harry Potter was all the hype Kenzie never jumped on the train...she was kind of scared of V...however, she is now in 7th grade and I guess that means she is all grown up......

*Hubby's pumpkin is that big one on the left....mine is the holy one in front....I was trying to go with a Christmas theme ...I haven't tried a candle in it yet but I think it will look like lights when lit...I am sure I will take a picture tonight.  ;-)
She read the 1st and 2nd book and has watched the first 3 or 4 movies....she is currently reading the 3rd book (I think) and she loves them her pumpkin?  Harry Potter!  Nice!

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