Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOW! actually the acronym used at our church for their Wednesday night youth services/school.
(Word on Wednesday)

With that said here are some more random WOW's happening around here lately:

Owen had a field trip last Friday...
he ran into our friends from Mpls. who were on the same field trip...
the mom (my friend) said Owen played it cool and said Hi..without making too obvious to his friends that he knew another girl...surprised he paused long enough for her to snap a photo. ;-)

 It's Homecoming week around here...pajama day, neon day, sports attire day and coronation all in one week...crazy.  These again are pictures from last year but by Friday ~ when the kids put on their new glittered and glued clothes I will finally have more current photos ~  I am tired of vacuuming glitter for now so they have remained untouched.  ;-)

Owen decided to not continue with Cub Scouts another year.  (sad? I don't think so.) (inside jumping for joy..yes!) ha! Just one less thing that is on the calendar and one less badge I need to worry about sewing is the little things right?  ;-)

Coley is enjoying being part of the Yearbook Staff at high school...the teacher who coordinates it all gave her a compliment already about her being dependable and a "get to work" kind of girl.  That's Coley for sure!

Kenzie had another Middle School meet last night...1.5 miles with 6th/7th grade running together...we knew there were some fast 6th graders from other schools BUT..............Kenzie pulled out another FIRST PLACE!  Three races...Three 1st places...Three great meets and huge BOOST to confidence...priceless!

Hubs is off to a Planning Conference (golf outing...ha! if you are reading this!) for a few days the weather looks great...for the conference not for the golf...ha!

ME? Same old same old....exercise, work, run with kids, and read it!  ;-)

HAPPY HUMP DAY......What's your WOW?!

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Corrie Anne said...

Kenzie is on fire!! I love it!!!! I need a good neon day!

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