Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why all the looks???

This morning (which was really Wednesday b/c I wrote this last night and am finishing it now) I woke up and it was raining! ;-( Yep, that's my sad face.  My workouts have pretty much been Monday-Wednesday-Friday 6:45 AM run outside and Tuesday-Thursday 6:00 AM Body Pump at my Y

Today is (was)Wednesday.  I am suppose to Run.  It was 5:30 AM (b/c that's when I get up to let the dogs out to the bathroom, have coffee, and enjoy some blog time before the kids get up or I exercise) But it is raining!!!! Now what do I do???  I could hurry to the Y to take in the 6AM cycle class but I don't really WANT to do that....I wanted to run!!  So, I looked at the weather forecast...and it appeared to be clearing...then, I prayed....oh yes, I did....I said a little prayer just hoping that it would clear up in an hour so I could RUN.  I only need it clear for about 45 minutes...then Lord let it rain all day....I just didn't want to mind was set on running.  Thank You!

And guess what?????

The rain stopped. The skies cleared. I got dressed and left in a hurry....5 miles...some faster, some slower, some hills, some flat.  47 minutes later I got home and had to take these pictures...

My ProCompression socks = LOVE!

My sweaty face = nasty
(hubs younger photo in background = cute)

The reason I am showing you these pictures (in case you were wondering) is b/c I got sooo many looks from others while running this morning. 
 I am not saying that to sound like..."Ya, I am cool" "Look at me" 
But, seriously women, men, grandpa, grandmas and even dogs alike all left the house when the rain stopped around 6:50 this morning and they all walked/ran the path I was on
and...they... stared...oddly....

So What's Up With That? 

maybe it was the vein popping above the sock behind my knee?

maybe they too wanted my cute socks?

Or maybe it was just my crazy running patterns and profusely sweating which made them wonder if they should call 911 or just get away quickly for fear I may pass out then and there?
(and they did not want to perform CPR I am sure!)

Whatever ~ I made it home ~ I got my run in ~ and I felt great!


Runner Maybe said...

I always get funny looks! LOL :) Glad you got your run in.

Ginger Foxxx said...

It probably doesn't help that i am sitting here wishing for rain every day! (i love running in the rain!) Also, here is the truffle recipe!

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