Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What the ?? Wednesday....

  • Kenzie was told the other day during CC practice that the girl who came in 1st at Friday night's CC meet from this video clip was disqualified.....supposedly only 7th and 8th grade girls are allowed to run in the "C" races...she was a 6th grader...thus, KENZIE WON THE RACE! 

  • I went shopping for clothes to TJ Maxx yesterday.....tried on some "every day" clothes...nothing fit just right...tried on workout pants and couple of cute shirts...they fit perfect!  Guess I am just meant to live in work out attire...or I am meant to keep working out??

  • This dog enjoys sampling peanut butter from our empty jar as much as she occasionally samples her own poop...What the???  

  • This dog says....."What? Does the sand on my nose give away the fact that I have been digging up the yard?"....yes, it does little one!

  • Now he is thinking....."What the??? Is on my back?? Seriously, you are making me wear this??"

  • And after sampling a few raspberries that fell off the stalks close by....he is very comfy in his little fleece and looks adorable too.  ;-)

  • I went to the library last night....I have 2 over due books so I owe .20 ....I checked these books out about 2 months ago??? Why are they showing up now?? What the??
  • I went crazy looking for the "over due" books when I got home ....searching under furniture and between cushions....I found NO books but MANY food wrappers instead...who taught these children that couch cushions are the new garbage cans??? What the??
  • I bought Chia Seeds for the first time yesterday and tried them mixed with a banana, spinach, soy milk and strawberries in my Magic Bullet....don't know if it was all in my head but boy, did I have some energy for a few hours after drinking that concoction.  YUM!

Oh, I could go on and on but I need to shower and get to work so I don't  have another one of these looks when I meet and greet every one...
Then I get the look of 
"What the??"
from every one else...


hiker mom said...

Awesome that your daughter got 1st! I love the sandy nose pic:) My dog always comes in with the dirty nose and looks at me like "what? I didn't do anything wrong". Little does she know the evidence is right on her face:)

Ginger Foxxx said...

OMG, i love the halloween coat!!! :D and he does seem to like it......haha

Corrie Anne said...

Okay.. that's so me at TJ Maxx.. i look at regular clothes, but inevitably gravitate to the workout clothes. My husband laughs. Go Kenzie!! That's so exciting.

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