Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend plans..

The weekend is finally here....What's in your wallet?  (random thought...I guess those commercials finally went away...whew!  I kept wondering ...."What is in my wallet?") ***Edit*** Just minutes after I posted this I got an email from Capital One....ha! Scary?! weird? I think so...

Tonight our school hosts the CC meet!!! They are expecting 25 teams, beautiful weather, lots of kids, and one crazy time.  It will be fun for sure....until its over....Guess who signed up weeks ago to help with CLEAN UP and TEAR DOWN?  That would be hubs and myself and a few can't wait for that!  

 Homecoming is coming in a couple of weeks too!!  The kids around here get into the school pride by decorating pants and t-shirts to wear the day of the football game and then to the game at night. Here are a couple of picture's from last year ....

I must admit they are/were cuter in person...and the time put in to the decorating is crazy...not too mention mom and dads money to buy all the supplies.  ;-0  Tomorrow both girls are planning "decorating" parties with friends....Nicole's are coming here and Kenz is going to another's house.

 I will be working in the afternoon getting far away from all of it. 
 (yes, that's how I roll)

Then there is this guy!

He has his official PICTURE DAY today at school.   This would be a good look for him but not sure what his classmates/teacher may think.  He has an empty weekend so far....amazing b/c this boy is usually quite busy.  I am sure a friend will be called and legos will be played at some point.  

Hubs is still cutting grass at the golf course and with 80 degrees on deck that course might be pretty busy this weekend.  Like I said I am working a bit, planning a longer run for tomorrow morning, Sunday school/church and finally ending the weekend with a walk and appetizers with a couple of Y friends.  Sounds like a great weekend to me!    

So what's in YOUR wallet?  

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Corrie Anne said...

I don't have a wallet! My husband hates it. LOOSE CREDIT CARDS! The homecoming pics are cute!!

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