Thursday, September 20, 2012

Truthful Thursday on the heels of Feeling Friday..

  • Truth~I don't know how couples work full time and get "every thing else done" in their home life....(ok, maybe if I didn't spend so much time on the computer/reading blogs/trying new recipes/and looking after the pup I could get more done)
  • Truth~I had my FIRST EVER trip to Trader's Joe's today...yep, after reading and reading, and then driving by and not stopping, and daydreaming even about this store I finally just drove there today.  And...............I was not that impressed.  Sorry.....yes, they had bananas for 19cents and a few TJ's options of cereal that looked ok, but out of the stuff I usually buy I could save the price of gas money on the trip there and back and just go to Target for my lovelies.  ;-) 

  • Truth~I have had a big ol' sweet tooth as our God would have it he placed a self serve yogurt shop right next to TJ's....yup, that $3 indulgence made the drive well worth it.  

  • Truth~I am really tired of the wind we have been having the past couple of days...yes, picky I know.
  • Truth~I really love my job at the Y and my friends there.  
  • Truth~I wish we would not have signed the boy up for Cub Scouts again...we are not a scouting family
  • Truth~My family rocks!  I don't know what I would do without hubs and the kids....they are my world and make each day worth while...even though they don't know it (however will if they read this) but I thank God for them each and every night in my prayers.
Feeling Friday......

Do your days/weeks fly like mine do?

Didn't the kids JUST start school?  Next Friday is Homecoming and soon MEA will be rounding the corner.  (We are even signing up for the children's Christmas program at church this week....the practices will start around Oct. 1st) 

We have a treadmill repair guy coming tomorrow morning...nothing like wrecking my morning...he will be here some time between 8AM and Noon..."great, I will just sit and wait for him" ;-)

We have 2 cross country meets this weekend.  One Friday night after school and one Saturday, fun, fun!

One Cub Scout gathering (after Friday's CC meet) one of the items on the agenda???? Wreath sales for the cubs..I told you time is flying.

Owen has a birthday party sleep over on Saturday night...which he happens to be super excited for!

And soon it will be church and Sunday School again...whew!  Good thing tonight is just karate and rest...hahaha

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hiker mom said...

Yikes, busy weekend:0 I hate waiting for repair guys. So annoying. You can't do anything until they come. Argh!

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