Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

For these 3 kiddos!! Hard to believe they have grown so much. (when I have hardly aged at all in the past 15 years..ha!) I want to trust they are wiser, nicer, taller, crazier, patient(er), and smarter....I hope these pictures of their first day of school illustrate all of that too.

13 yrs. old
7th grade

15 years old
10th grade

9 years old
4th grade

I am also thankful for: Body pump class this morning and great Y friends who were present to keep me company, coffee to wake me up after an awful night of sleep, eggs-spinach-salsa-flaxseed-crushed red peppers and a couple of turkey slices that made for a yummy mexican~like breakfast, and this beautiful day which God has made....let us rejoice and be glad in it!! Today is the day!


hiker mom said...

Congrats on getting everyone off to school! Woohoo!

Ginger Foxxx said...

Awwww, look at those smiles! everyone looks great! I remember always being super excited to go back to school!

Teamarcia said...

What gorgeous kids you have! Time flies doesnt it? Enjoy.

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