Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Quickie...

Hey's 5:41 and I have been up forever....or so it seems.

After my nap yesterday, Click drink, and fun run I couldn't get to sleep last night!  What's my deal?? I finally fell asleep around 10:45 (guessing) and woke up at 2:27AM to be exact.  I then tossed and turned waking every hour (give or take) and just couldn't fall back into the deep dark sleep I so desired.  


Although, I did have a lot on my mind.....

Kenzie just got back from her CC meet.  She ran with the "C" girls (right under JV..I think the coaches are prepping her for the actual JV races).  It was a 2 mile race and hubby thought there were 75-100 runners (its hard to guess when they are all huddled together).  Kenz took first for North *her team* and 3rd overall!! With a time of 12:47.  I was amazed, thrilled for her, and simply in awe of her ability.

Coley just got home from the North Football game.  I don't remember the score exactly but it was close to 72-25 or something like that.  Again North came through with a huge win...almost too much...Nicole said a lot of fans left early and stopped cheering every touch down b/c there were so many.  HA!  How is that for loyalty?!

Owen got to hang with me most of the night...we were busy prepping for Rally Day this Sunday at church.  This year I am teaching HIS class...4th grade Sunday School..I hear there could be 18 in our class...that's a tad overwhelming....but, I know the attendance isn't at 100% most weekends so I think we will be OK.  (whew!)

And finally,
this was my snack yesterday after all those cookies 
went bye bye....

Celery with Sunbutter and crushed red peppers...

Off to 7AM Body Pump soon then hubs and I are going to the MN Gopher Football game and out to eat ....I guess you would call that a date right?  A little early date to celebrate the 17th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.  Should be FUN!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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hiker mom said...

Wow great sports day all around! Good for you for getting in the early BP class:) Congrats on 17 years, my husband and I will celebrate that one next year. Have a great weekend!

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