Friday, September 7, 2012

FREE (tired) Rant Friday...update...

Ever had a morning like this?

Feel like you just can't get your butt to get up and go?

Today is that day!

Honestly, I was all set to post a few rants....about how I really need my I haven't felt well rested in about a week b/c a certain 9 yr. old keeps waking me up during the night due to night mares or a rain drop (which he thinks will turn into a tornado that will tear apart our house and drop it in another land of doom!)

I was going to rant on about my horrible eating yesterday....I made chocolate doughnut muffins (and ate a lot!) but b/c I didn't think they were THAT good I also made Rice Krispie bars (but, Walmart only had the Gluten free krispies and I bought them...well, they do taste different) and I figured my Krispie girl would not like those so I ALSO made sugar cookies

(this is my attempt at being cute...
our 17th Anniv. is on Sunday)

Well, yes, I had to eat not one but about 10 of those cookies just to be SURE they too tasted OK..duh?!  Then, I put a plate of all the treats together for the cross country "Carb Dinner" that would be taking place in a few hours....and what do you know?? I had a lot of left I treated myself to a few more of each....Yes, that is me!  For days I can eat wonderfully, and then my body acts like a Cookie Monster and says, "ME WANT MORE COOKIES!" (or bars or what ever is on hand)

Please tell me I am not alone here.  Any way, I WAS going to rant but so glad I decided not too....instead I am going to take a nap and then hopefully wake up and run.  

That is as long as these two quit staring at me and stop making me feel guilty for wanting to nap and not give them attention or a walk until I am ready.  Go figure its not about the dogs for once...this time it is about some much needed sleep for me.  

****I slept for 90 minutes...AMAZING!  I got up and made myself my favorite pre-run drink...Vanilla Click w/ spinach and ice crushed and swirled in my Magic Bullet....waited about 30 minutes (b/c I am smart not too run immediately after drinking) and THEN ran 5 miles in 47 minutes!! My best yet!! ***


hiker mom said...

Go get your nap in. You deserve it:) I wanted to take a nap yesterday, but my husband was working from home and I felt guilty, so I didn't:( Maybe next week:)

Kathy said...

I did ... 90 minutes worth! ;-)

Claires Healthy Home said...

Found you through Livin the Fit Life :) Love your writing style! I heart naps too ;) Have a great Saturday! Claire

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