Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cross Country...AppleJack LNHS!

Last night was beautiful!  There were 25 high school teams present.  So many kids, buses, cars, and police directing traffic.  We got Owen out of school early to get there (and get a "decent" parking spot...priorities right?).  

The above photo was taken at the last meet actually...Rosemount Invitational...another mom snapped the group photo (she has a way better camera than me and might be a bit cooler to think.."group photo would be nice!")  

The following pictures ARE from last night's meet...LNHS AppleJack! The coaches wanted Kenzie to run the JV 2.5mile race but I kind of told them Kenzie is doing so great with the "C" 2 miler and that I would love for her to have a great race on her home turf before being part of the JV arsenal.  ;-) She agreed .... sometimes building confidence at the "C" level is a huge boost before officially being part of the JV and V teams.  

You can click here to see HER video of the last few seconds of HER will hear her name over the microphone and then see her 2nd place finish...2 miler with hills and valleys (;-)...13.10 minutes!  

Photo after with siblings!
Owen and Nicole were along the route to cheer her on!

The very last race was a half mile "fun run" for the little kids.
Owen (who is hiding behind Kenzie) decided to run it when he heard they were handing out Blow Pops to all the runners after.  (motivation right?) ha! 

They are getting ready...
Owen is on the far right not getting ready..ha!

Looking a little nervous here...

(notice white blob in left hand...Blow Pop success!)

Waiting for the Awards Ceremony to start
Kenzie and friend Bailey
(that name makes me a little thirsty no?)
Kenzie is announced!

Congratulations on your 2nd place finish!
(that lady handing out medals is the Varsity Asst. Coach
and an amazing runner herself!)
and back to the team....

We got there around 3:20 and left around 7:45pm....long afternoon....and it became a HOT afternoon that eventually cooled off nicely...what a great day for a run~N~fun!


Corrie Anne said...

NICE WORK!! I wish I had run xc!! But I got the next best thing, I talked my little sis into doing it!! :) I used to love doing half miler and miler fun runs though!

STUFT Mama said...

Okay I juts LOVE your family!!! Love the parking spot priorities too. Ha ha.Congrats on the 2nd place finish!!! :)

Ginger Foxxx said...

13.10 minutes?? What a speedy girl!! You must be so proud :) Great pics!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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