Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Credit where credit is due....STUFT Mama style!

STuFt Mama is amazing!!!

I really hope everyone clicks on her link above or do it here just so you can read about her crazy busy days, be educated on her healthy recipes and maybe even have a little laugh over one of her boys having fun with water bottles, messy foods, doing planks or just shopping w/ mom!

The above link to one of her posts which happens to include a video may look a little like my pictures...

why?  Because today (that would be yesterday...Monday... since its currently 5:28 am) I tried to make her cinnamon crisp with one of my low carb tortillas.....and it tasted just as delicious as it looks!  YUM!  So watch her video b/c she is a great blogger and gives directions and recipes where as I give pictures and links...sometimes.....if you are lucky.....ha!
The goo (recipe also from STUFT Mama..but wrong link I think?) was really good...... I may have altered her recipe and added extra.....yes, I experiment like that......and YOU can too!
1/2 cup pumpkin
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 Tbls. cocoa dark choc. powder
1tsp. SunButter
mix altogether
then I added...
a scoop of Oikos Plain Yogurt
some strawberries...
super good!!

My face does NOT lie!

(But let it be known I love just about all foods!)

And I also forgot to tell you how she burns things too....
like roasted zucchini
and I have made it and its really addictive like most of her recipes.

Check out some favs here!

***Note:  I was suppose to be running this morning and its currently raining!! Bummer! Cycle class might be calling my name??? Am I that desperate? Or do I just exercise later once the rain stops??? **


Corrie Anne said...

It's raining here!!! Pippa refuses to go outside. That silly dog!! I hate going out in the rain too!! That recipe looks great!!

hiker mom said...

I say run in the rain:) Unless it's pouring then do spin. I love spin, but my gym doesn't offer it anymore:(

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

I love Kristin! I just saw her cinnamon tortilla crisp and have been wanting to try it, too. Yours looks awesome!

STUFT Mama said...

Oh yay!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful post Kathy!!! You are WAY too kind. And.... your cinnamon crisp bowl came out fabulous! Careful- it's addicting. He he. Hugs!! You and your compression socks are WAY too cute!

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