Friday, August 31, 2012

What we did our last week before school.

 She babysit these two adorable twins.
Their parents are both teachers so while they (the parents) were at their schools preparing for the new year Nicole swam, played barbies, played "Headbands"(as seen in photo), watched a couple of Barbie movies and overall had a great week with the girlies.

Kenzie started up Cross Country again.
This year she seems to be more excited about running and has enjoyed getting back together with her friends from the team.  Today is her first "practice" meet (yea, that makes sense right?)...kind of informal but they get to dress in the official suit and be timed etc.

 (wow..older picture w/ old computer screen)
But, the point is he has been hanging at the computer more since we are still without TV! Oh, how I wish we could be FOREVER with out it!! But, sadly tomorrow Charter is coming to hook us up again.

 He has been playing more legos...
(older picture too)

but the legos creations are still the same.

I have been working at the Y, running to meetings (as with yesterdays post), and working out with friends! Hubby is probably looking forward to his annual Fantasy Football draft he holds at our house every Labor Day weekend.  And this year I am looking forward to it too........why?  I picked up a shift at the Y so I will be MIA during the whole thing!  Work is a good~God~thing! ;-)

That's about it.....the girls are getting hair cuts this weekend too....maybe I will actually bring my camera and totally embarrass my teenagers with that.....or maybe not?! 

Whatever you do .......

Enjoy (and do it with a happy heartfelt attitude)

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