Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what have I learned?

1.  When hubby says he thinks "the puppy is soooo cute!" (Watch out)

2.  When Kenzie says, "she will TOTALLY take care of the puppy", that doesn't include when she is...

  • going to the pool with friends
  • having a sleep over with a neighbor
  • or IF she is just so tired she needs a break.  (Yes, I knew it would happen ....good thing Rudy is adorable!!)

3.  A mini dachshund can get out of a plastic type lattice gate...tip over boards which are blocking small trouble some spots and spend a night roaming the house with out doing too much damage.  Whew!

4.  I have always said I wanted a lap dog....I had no idea dogs like that were really out there.  Rudy would sit on a lap if given the opportunity ALL DAY LONG! (He has a month to get use to his baby play pen)

5.  A mini puppy IS REALLY like a new born baby that is being potty have to do almost every thing with them or for them and watch them 24/7.....(I repeat ....good thing he is adorable!) If I ever thought I wanted another child the answer is glad we got Rudy instead!  

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