Friday, July 13, 2012

Peeta! And how hard do you have to blow?

Nicole is doing a great job training her little guy to come to her and be comfortable to be held and not bite...nice training girlie.

Her new hamster Pearl is settled in her cage too and seems quite at home....she will be hand trained  after she gets comfy and relaxed in her new surroundings.  ;-)

Remember the "My morning post a couple of days ago?" The story in the waiting room?  

Within seconds of walking in and sitting down I couldn't help but over hear a conversation that was already in progress between 2 others in the went some thing like this:

Male:  My buddy blew a 1.6 and lost his truck drivers license for months...

Female: Yea, I know....I drive bus for *bleep* city and I know a guy who blew 1.0 and lost his bus license and he can NEVER work for the city of *bleep* again!

Male: Wow!  Never!  They really are getting tougher on everyone....ya gotta be careful these days.

Female:  Yea, ya just gotta blow softer I guess.

OMG!! These people are bus drivers!! Not sure if it was a city bus or school bus but needless to say I got up and left the waiting room at that point.

I am also never riding a bus of any sort in THAT city!

It's Friday the 13th.....we are packing for the cabin...woohoo!!

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Ali Mc said...

she (the hamster) is cute, but I won't lie. I hate them. I loved owning rats. I know the tail grosses people out but hamsters aren't as nice ;P glad it's not biting anymore.

She did it and then I did it again.....

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