Friday, July 13, 2012

NWC 2012 here we come!

It's that time of year again.  A week off, driving north, hot weather, and a Northwest Water Carnival to boot!! Can any one ask for any thing more?  (Maybe a shot of Captain Morgan for me and a Shock Top for hubby and lots of cousin time for the kids too ;-) I am all about keeping every body happy!  HA!

One of the past years we took in a car show....some of the finest ones around the town come out!

 Kenzie won third place in the turtle races another year....this was one we hand caught right out of the lake a couple of days prior to the race.   How cool is that?

 Sand castle building is another contest.  (I think we should have won for originality but the other ones were life size and REALLY coming out of the sand so I guess we were "washed away by the competition".) 
 Another turtle from just last summer.... missed the actual races that year but had our own little contest in the backyard....he is keeping a close eye on the turtle...ha!

And finally, another chance to hang out with grandma and grandpa!  My mom's birthday is August 2nd and since we won't be up there to celebrate on her actual day we are going to have our own "EarlY" celebration with her next week!  YEA to BIRTHDAYS and reasons to have CAKE!

Well, that's about it around here.....we do have some neighbors looking over our house and animals that will remain home while we are gone....whew! Wouldn't want to think of the cost of bordering cats and hamsters....


Ginger Foxxx said...

Have a great time! (and a few cocktails!) :D

Ali Mc said...

which turtle won?? ;)

and WOW nice sand "castles" looks amazing! Hope your mom has a great birthday

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