Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a MORNING in MY life!

5:15 AM I wake up on my own as I usually do and go downstairs to stretch and make coffee.

6:00 AM out the door for a walk/run....it felt awesome and the weather was perfect

7:00 AM back.  Have coffee, get the boy some waffles, and eat breakfast

7:40 AM Run daughter to run club and bring the dog to her grooming appt.

8:30 AM At grooming appt. I am told that some one only wrote me down for a shampoo for the dog and "sorry" but, "Our groomer isn't here yet......I could trim up her legs with a scissor but I can't use the clippers"..."Do you want to do that or reschedule?" ***Well,  I  don't need a shampoo b/c we are going to the cabin on Sat. and she will be swimming in the gross lake and that would be a waste right?  But, it will be HOT and she needs a cut NOW....which is why I originally made the appt.....so, to answer your question***What I was thinking in my head but did not say***...I do NOT want that and I don't have time to reschedule.  Thanks.

8:35AM....driving home frustrated...just a little.  ;-)

9:00AM SHOWER ...finally!

9:40AM back to pick up daughter from Run Club.

10:00AM Home to sweep out garage and clean up kitchen

10:40AM Off to get the van an oil change.  (They better have my appt. correct)  ;-) Whew! All is well at Kennedy Transmission...thanks guys!

11:30 home..lunch for younger two...start some laundry..

12:10 PM off to pick up oldest daughter at the zoo.  (hubby dropped her off on the way to work this morning) I made sure we have her birth cert. and SS card b/c we are driving directly to the Drivers Permit Testing Center about 15-20 minutes away.

12:30 PM Daughter eats lunch in the van as we drive....we type in the address she was given into the Garmin...Garmin declares we "Have reached our destination" when we are looking at a preserve!! REALLY?!

1:00 PM I pull over and find the number for the city offices...the lady tells me I am on the wrong side of town...and about 15 minutes away...grrrrrr ....we drive.....

1:30 PM....we are here...however, we see a sign on the door as entering the building which reads.."NO CREDIT CARDS...CASH OR CHECK ONLY!"  (I check....I have $10.50 in cash...who carries checks these days?)

1:35 PM...back home b/c our credit union has very few locations and of course there are none around here...we get cash and turn our van around and head back to the permit center!!

SIDENOTE     ****as we are driving back...blood boiling just a bit...I get a call from the boy (who is 9) who is suppose to be home with my middle daughter (almost 13) ....he says that she has shut the door in MY room to watch TV and that HE better not interrupt her....so that is what she calls babysitting??? I don't think so.....I spoke very briefly to her then and there and got that situation turned around...oh, yes I did!****

2:15...making good time...whew!  The DMV has lines every where.  ugh....She gets in line, we register, she takes the test (while I wait with others in the waiting room...that is a post by itself!)

3:00 she finally gets helped again and is paying!!! (I see this through a window b/c we are not allowed back by the testers) She has passed!! We are headed home!

3:30 I think...we are home.....I haven't moved!  ;-)

Just another day in the life!


Runner Maybe said...

oh what a stressful day! Yea for passing the test.

Ginger Foxxx said...

ouch, i don't know how you do it....Congrats to your daughter on her new permit!!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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