Sunday, July 1, 2012

July updates

Is it really?  Around here July 4th is almost the midpoint of summer...from then on its kind of a downhill ride to fall and school (yea!) Did I say that?  No...actually I love summer but the thought of our getting back to our "normal" routine is nice too.

So this is what we have been doing lately.......

Hubs has been getting up and golfing more...he has not been skiing yet this year (just couldn't find a photo where he wasn't with a birthday cake or a child ) ha! We enjoyed a family outing to the TWINS game last night w/ great seats~nice weather~and a victory in the end! 

 I have been pondering my hip....are you sick of this yet?  I had the best run/walk on Friday.  I got some new shoes, the weather was perfect and I wanted to see how the girl would do (yes, that is me referring to my hip as a separate part of me) I walked some...I ran first the running ached but then I found the longer I went the better it felt ..What's up with that?...Then, when I stopped it ached a bit while walking and again ....the longer I walked the better it felt?  So that was the routine....all in all in felt GREAT and I have been icing a bit since then but its GOOD!  YES!

 This girl...4-legged "Annie" just found out that her sister "Cricket"is coming to live with her FOREVER!! My daughter Kenzie couldn't be more excited to meet Cricket next week when we go up for the 4th and fireworks.  She (Kenzie) is still running, having fun with friends and announced last night that "For the first time she is actually excited about starting school in the fall!"  Love that!

 Yes, he is sitting in a cop car!  Yes, I hope this is the only time in his life that he will be doing this ...unless, he is in uniform driving the car!  What can I say a 9-yr old boy + summer = tired eyes and lots of crackers.  Seriously...the boy goes from one play date to the next, from his video games~Wii~Ipod~and YouTube to the pool to swim and to baseball...he is kind of the energizer bunny with a shaved head and shorts.  (ha!)  And I am constantly catching him with his hand in the cracker boxes...geesh I need to buy stock in Gold Fish Crackers soon.   ;-)

Coley...seen here hanging around from an eagle's claw...has been doing nothing on the sort this summer.  She has been B.U.S.Y....... busy!  She finished her 30 hours of classroom time for driver's ed. and will be taking her permit test soon.  She is volunteering at our MN Zoo as a zoo teen and loving every minute of it.  She has been enjoying the hot weather and swimming any down time in between.  (And is excited to meet Cricket soon too....oh, puppies are wonderful aren't they?)

*sidenote* It's 7am....and I can't believe the kids are still sleeping!!  Love morning quiet times.  ;-)

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