Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go Cubs!

As crazy as writing "Go Cubs!"feels its true....we really will be cheering on the CUBS today at noon!  Why?  Because that's the boys team and that's the team that (b/c I never really kept track) had a season score of about 1-9 and a tournament tally of 0-3 before their final game yesterday at 1PM.  

Then every thing clicked!

The boys had some great plays in the field...the other teams pitching got a little weak...some kids had great hits and others made nice was very exciting to watch and to see the boys get sooo excited that they were getting close to a WIN!  And then the BIG HIT that brought a runner in to tie the score and another runner in to WIN! The game was over and cheers for the CuBS were loud and proud!

(a cold day as a Twin)

(photo on the jumbo tron)

So at noon they play again!  If they lose oh well, after yesterday they feel like they have already won.  If they win they will play again for consolation champ (I think).  Go Cubs!

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