Saturday, July 7, 2012

Do you like change?

I do....can't you tell?

I usually switch up my blog design monthly, some times weekly and there are occasions which I change it daily.  Why not?!  I have no one to answer to....its mine and it can look however I want it to ....maybe its the ONE thing I really have CONTROL over?

Control is such a funny word isn't it? Who really has it?

We try to control sooo many things within our grasp but it doesn't always work out that way.

Others try to control us....or would like to shape us into thinking and acting a certain way.  (Some times it works but usually it is only temporary and depends on our thoughts/mood and actions of the day)

Do we try to control our kids?  Sure we want to teach them right from wrong.  Yes, we want them to do their homework, study hard and get good grades.  Beyond that though...what control do we really have?

They are their own person...with their own personality...their own plan and journey....they have to try and fall or try and conquer on their own....we can help but its really up to THEM.

Oh, to let them go and not feel the guilt if/when they fall or fail.  The guilt that we (as parents) couldn't have done more to teach protect guide them down a less stressful path in life.

BUT that's not in our control.

Life gets in the way and I guess I am learning to let them live THEIR own life.

Whether its in my or out of my control. They need to figure it out on their own sometimes.  ;-)

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