Saturday, July 28, 2012

BB Tournaments and Rudy....

This weekend is Owen's FINAL baseball weekend!  (Yes, I say that with enthusiasm as he is just as excited as we are to be done.  ha!) He had a game Thursday night, last night (Friday) and has 2 games today (Saturday) his team played "pretty good" but unfortunately lost both games so far.

 So, what is Owen looking forward to today about the games?????

*The DQ or Cherry Berry Yogurt stop I promised him after it was all over!*

 That's MY Boy!

I hate to admit it but I haven't brought my camera to Owen's baseball games yet......(today I will for sure!) However, I have been using the camera to capture some pictures of little Rudy.....Rudster.....Ruddi ToBootie...or My favorite...."Rudy My TuttiFrutti!" Yes, we are all a little crazed over here...but you can see why:

 a favorite spot and position
 loving his new found raccoon
 getting comfy
 snuggling in
 Hello! I am up!
Seriously think I need rabbit ears?  Aren't my floppy ones enough?

*By day Rudy is fun, adorable, busy but wonderful .... by night?  Well, we still haven't mastered that one yet?  The last two nights he hasn't pottied in the "pen" but he JUST HATES HIS PEN and whines A LOT....and he is the MASTER of getting out! Hmmm...what will tonight bring?

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