Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Was she dipping into her martini too much?

Seriously....I knew http://rungingerfoxxxrun.blogspot.com/ was sort of funny, a quick wit, or dare I say SASSY?? (no, i didn't say that....she did...click on the above link and see for yourself) Anyway, when she through my name into the mix for the above award it confirmed it for me.....she is all of the above and that's why I love reading her blog!  You should too!

So, what does one do with a title of such honor and prestige?  We're going to DISNEY WORLD baby!  Or maybe Vegas since I am feeling kind of lucky.  ;-)

With this award I get to bore share w/ you 7 fun things about ME...the one and only...so here goes:

1.  My name is Kathy and I am a food junkie.  There I said it and I am not proud of it! (In all my life I can only think of ONE item of food that I didn't like and actually had to throw out....some plain Fage' yogurt?...tried it? Do you like it?)

2.  I love dogs/puppies and would probably take one home from every adoption event I went to if it wasn't for my "down to earth...think of the yard pick up" kind of husband.

3.  I only started running about 18 months ago and have since been told I have a bad hip and better not run more then 10K distances at one time unless I want to have hip replacement surgery in about 5 years.

4.  I am 43...I do not want hip surgery at age 48.....I will be listening to the doc on this one.

5.  I work part time at a local Y and have done so for almost 6 years.

6.  My family means the most to me and they are the ones I spend any free time with.....when I am not in a "Just go play and let me have some peace and quiet" kind of mood.  ;-)

and finally,

7.  One of my favorite sayings about me to any one use to be....."I told you I have issues"....now, I am beginning to think I am OK...and its others who have the issues.  Deal with it!

Hopefully, that's not too much and doesn't scare you....I really enjoy reading blogs and adding my 2 cents now and then...they keep my laughing and sane on most days.  Thanks to the great bloggers out there ....especially Run Gingerfoxxx Run!


Ginger Foxxx said...
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Ginger Foxxx said...

oh my gosh, i am also so addicted to food. I have to eat every 2-3 hours or i lose my mind from food withdrawl!

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