Sunday, June 17, 2012

Short and Sweet...

She's really going to do it....

IF Coley pulled a "C" in Algebra (her hardest subject) we
were going to let her get another dwarf hamster.....
SHE DID.....I think "Scotty" will be having a roommate soon.

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since my cortisone shot in my hip.
I must say I am feeling 98% better most of the is the day to start back
to  classes at the Y!  Body Pump here I come....slow and ez of course.

And (unless you live under a rock) everyone knows what today is!!!!!

Happy Father's Day!

To Hubby ~ for being a great dad to our kids and for all he does for our family....which is a lot more than our children realize and we do appreciate it ...REALLY WE DO!!!!

To Dad ~ for all he did for me growing up and all he continues to do for my family and our kids....he is a wonderful model of a dad and a grandpa.....LOVE YOU(both)!!!!

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hiker mom said...

Have a great workout!