Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sadness and tears this morning.

When your 15 year old daughter stands in the kitchen and starts out talking with, "Well, ummm" (wearing a very distressed face) my stomach kind of never knows what to brace yourself for.  This morning that happened and then the tears were shed.  Her dwarf hamster ~ "Scotty"~ that she had bathed, fed, played with and loved for 7 months was found dead in his cage.   

Scotty just months old...a rodent any mother would love.

 Scotty trying to escape from his cage.  ;-) 
I was surprised that I teared up a bit with her too...more so b/c seeing your little girl cry is just heart breaking and this was the first pet she bought with her own money and paid for EVERYTHING he needed during the entire 7 months.

 I didn't want the cats to be upset today I offered them some of their "special" treat.  

            They loved it!!! I am sure it helped them get over the loss of their scurry little friend.

When I felt they had had enough I put it away.....they must have felt otherwise, and gave me the cold shoulder after that.  Geesh, cats can be so temperamental that way I guess.

Well,  I want to be fair to all felines in this house so I couldn't ignore one of my favorite bloggers and her "Flat Kitty".  I am sure he feels sad so I gave him a little ray of sunshine and some extra attention too.  If you want to check out her blog just click here. She is one STUFT Mama and makes me laugh every day.  ;-)  Something I will need for sure today.

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STUFT Mama said...

Cats can be tempermental can't they? I hope your day got better. Hugs!

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