Thursday, June 7, 2012

B-day Wishes!! Red Solo Cup..BEER RUN...

FIRST .....


You certainly add fun to most situations.
Here's to many more years of silliness.

Race Recap......

I only partially wrecked myself more...
it was ALL WORTH IT!

National Running Day...5K BEER RUN...Recap

One "Red Solo" polished nail.
('s the little things in life)

One "Red Headband" worn by
the one "solo" friend that signed up with me.

Enough of the "Solo" references....
it's time for the reason we are really here...

Our first ticket we ordered the 
"Lonely Blonde"
it came in the tall glass...YUMMY!

Our second drink ticket we tried the "Sweet Child of Vine"
little more dark but still just as good.
the third ticket...(which honestly I really didn't need any more
at that point but  "Oh, Well"..we were drinking to all the runners on this National Day) We went back for another "Lonely Blonde" is very smooth even though I only drank half of it....I was driving after all.

Cool shirts that the volunteers wore.
(We tried to buy this one for $ go.;-(

It started to rain a you can see it almost washed away the 
but we knew by now where the beer was.

What do you do after running...

Drive another 10 minutes to a DIVE called the "The Wienery" that is not a misspelling.
I saw it days ago featured on the show called 
"Diners, Drive Ins and Dives"
I had to check it out and I had my running partner with me.

The HUGE kitchen...

crazy signage all over the place..

Excited to try my first "Picnic Dog"
Hot dog, cheese, beans, and coleslaw...
it was delicious.
(Or maybe the 3 beers just made it delicious to me)

(with the deep fryer...that big pot that is)

Almost forgot the outside shot......
 its a little blurry b/c I snapped it as we were driving away.

All in all my first Beer Run was a huge success!
I will be doing it again and hope to partake in others.
This is what running is all about....Run and Fun!

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