Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pulled muscles and mind games..

For about 3 weeks now I have been dealing with this groin/hip pull.  (self diagnosis)

Yesterday I went to a chiropractor referred to me by a friend who runs a lot and has went to her and had great reports.  It was good but I think I expected instant relief.  Or at least some but I haven't really had any.  It throbs in the same spots.  And her last words....DON'T DO ANY THING besides regular to and fro walking (like to the bathroom, the car,  around the house/yard, etc...) No exercise til next Wednesday when I am suppose to go back.

Well, frankly THAT SUCKS!

Those that really know me know I was never an exercise fanatic.  However the past 12 months have kind of changed that.  I really like RUNNING, going to CYCLE class, and body I feel beaten down.

It's a MIND game......I don't like to sit around.

Sure I can do arm and ab workouts but it doesn't give me the mental satisfaction as a great cardio work out does.  It doesn't make it OK to eat a little extra.  And frankly ( yes, I like that word) I am eating and eating more b/c I am a tad depressed about this whole injury.  UGH!!!

Waaah, Waaah, Waaah!!! I hear it...the POOR ME PITY PARTY is on!!  I have all been injured at some point I guess its my turn now.

It's a beautiful day here today....I would have loved to run, take the dog for a walk,  go some where and walk around a park, trails, parkways...ugh...instead I sit here icing and planning a movie date later.  It will be fun but the sitting is killing me.  ;-)

Are you having a more productive day than me?

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