Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Flashbacks

As I am relaxing before some neighbors/friends come over for a couple of drinks and a bonfire I began to read some blogs and look over my array of pictures....its crazy how fast the time goes and how quickly summers fly are some past finds.

 The kiddos on a paddle boat ride one cool morning.

Swimming with dad one evening...
The cousins taking a lunch or snack break on the pontoon

Last year's turtle races in the backyard of the cabin...
Coley trying to move her little one ahead of the rest.

This one was taken more recently but hubs got 4-FREE tickets to go to tomorrow  night's game  (in the LEGEND'S CLUB) these are spendy and great tickets...we normally would not be in this section so we are a little excited for tomorrow to say the least!!!!

 Enough about our is our crazy dog.
She doesn't chew her toys or her rawhides...she buries them or will bite them in half and swallow them whole.  The package reads ...."hours of fun for your dog" ...our pooch is finished in literally 10 minutes with the WHOLE thing.  No more chews for her.  ;-(

*This one was buried, dug up, buried, and dug up again thus, its lovely dirt/cigar appearance. flashback but a first for me today...I ran again!!!!
It was heavenly and I may post about it tomorrow (if your lucky) *wink

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