Monday, June 4, 2012

Because I have no shame.....

See that  big thigh?
Yep, it's mine...and I don't care b/c I like to share.

The yellow circle?
*where they prepped me w/ iodine before my cortisone shot.
The bandaid?
*yea whatever? simply procedural I am sure...really no need.

This face?
*Is what I am pretty sure I looked like when I received the shot.

What you can't hear?
*Oh, SH$T!!
 This hurts way worse than the one in the shoulder did!!

What now?
*wait...and wait...3 days to be exact.

If no relief?
 *MRI to see if I tore some cartilage ...and then repair it.

What the Doc. said about my hip bone and X-ray?
*I have very thin cartilage and the "ball" joint 
sits on the edge of my hip socket....

What that means?
*To save my bones as I get older I should stick to shorter runs, 
if any ...10K's will be my max from now on.
Also cycling, swimming, walking and weight lifting 
are better options than running for me.

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Ginger Foxxx said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope they have some kind of physical therapy in mind so that you can be up and running again, even if its short distances!

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