Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today means....

This girl is running in her conference track meet tonight.
She seemed surprisingly calm this morning...

(maybe b/c she is secretly excited for this to be
the last race of the track season! HA!)

This girl is 14 for approximately 22 more hours....
then she turns 15 tomorrow!

Complete with homemade French Toast for breakfast

And finally this boy....
he was suppose to have BB practice last night....
He had a head ache instead.

It's not very often he complains of a head ache so he 
took a bath, put on pajamas, and stayed close to the couch.

Eyes were shut by 8PM sharp and he was up at 6 AM
feeling much better...or so he said.

Hubby stretched out his back with a little golfing this 
morning and I ran 4 miles.  My right hip flexor/groin area hurts a little still
but nothing ice and Ibuprofen can't heal...back to running for me.


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