Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy Friday....and many PR's!

Yes, I was busy!

I ran (and it kind of sucked) why can some days be so perfect and others be so not?
 A quick shower ~ the boy went to a play date ~ and I was off to the flower shop to be ready for a weekend of planting.  (Isn't that what everyone does on Mother's Day...or just me?)
Flowers check.  Quick stop at Walmart for new LOVE.. check. 
Off to Kenzie's middle school for their MIGHTY MILE RUN!

Picture in your head all the 6th grade girls lined up to run...and they are off...they are running...and running are are is playing...parents are chatting and watching their little ones run... can you feel the excitement all around?  Whoa that was fast...she came in 4th!! 

 Right after her mile.
She got her own PR...a 6:04
So thrilled for her and she was so thrilled too.

Picture time.

One with me.
(Yes, it was very windy thus, the lovely hair)

Then Kenz says she was squinting too hard so when it was time for dad's pic we changed sides...I am nice like that....wouldn't want to have her squinting on two photos ya know.

See much 6th gr. wrinkles between her eyes this time.
(Yes, she looks like her dad....and acts like him too in more ways than one...ha!)

After school she had a track meet too.

She got a new PR in the 400...1:17 and placed 4th overall for 6th/7th grade girls
and got a new PR in the 800 at 3:02.  That girl is on fire.  ;-)
Or, at least we think so!


Ali Mc said...

wow!!!! your daughter is awesome!!!! the queen of PR's what a fast mile!

Losing Lindy said...

she is fast! keep her running

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