Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The best (almost) thing about this weekend...

Besides the obvious of spending time with family and my parents ...specifically my DAD who turned 70!!

And.... getting to surprise him with 7 gifts (each with 10 items in them) to equal 70 items....duh!?

And.....opening the cabin for the first time which was a complete success.

And.....barely eating any sweets (totally amazing for me b/c my mom has a ton of sweets around the house!)

And.....staying at a hotel (and) going out to eat which was all paid for by the birthday boy and mom!  Seriously....these people are so generous....they always want to pay and never want us to spend our money during weekends like this....they say they just enjoy all of us being together...I think they are becoming a little crazy as they get older.  HA!  ***totally joking*** ;-)

My personal (running) highlight of the weekend was.........I really did run the full 10 miles around the lake  Saturday morning....and....I have a new PR...10 miles in 1:38!!  This was huge for me!  (And me only) I have never felt PERSONAL happiness/satisfaction over some thing I did and DID ALONE like I felt that morning after that run!! Truly every thing inside me was smiling!

The temperature was perfect, the body felt good, my tunes were pumping me up and I was ecstatic for hours.

Some times doing some thing for your self isn't such a bad thing after all.  ;-)  What have you done for yourself lately?


Taryn said...

Awesome job!! What a wonderful weekend...and way to go on the 10 mile time!!!

Runner Maybe said...

Great job on the new PR!! That is awesoome.

Michelle Dragoo said...

WOW, 10 miles? That is amazing! So happy for you!

Ali Mc said...

WOW that is an awesome 10 miler PR :) you are amazing Kathy!!!

and that 7 gifts with 10 items in each is genius! I bet your father really appreciated it :)

I am happy that everything is so positive over here!

How have you been spending your time???

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