Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back up a few days...

Tuesday night was Kenzie final track meet...
I think this is about the only picture I got of her.

That field is far away from the bleachers and even w/ my zoom
it doesn't zoom in enough.  So here she is waiting for a race or after her race ~ 
I really can't remember..
but she looks happy right?

(I think she is thrilled to be done though...
until June 11th when the summer run club starts)

Here are some photos from the birthday girl's big day last Wednesday.

The BIG gift .....
SHE wanted her Joe Nathan signed t-shirt framed!
(Isn't this a priority for every 15 yr. old?)

And the cake...
1 blue candle
5 pink ones!
Ya know for 15...sorry that's the best I had so it's called
"Making it work"

We just got back from Mankato where we hung out at the 
Pet Expo for about an hour.
(her request)

It was a pretty cool pet store...full of fish, birds, snakes (YUK! never seen so many)
rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, and of course, HAMSTERS!
She wanted to come home with another ...a new cage...hamster stuff 
and so much more but we had to say NO.
(for now...)

It's up to her to get her Algebra grade up by the end of the year...
if it gets better she can buy one once school is out
IF its NOT up...
We are tough parents huh?!

For now.....
the girls are in the pool outside
the boy is with a friend playing upstairs
hubby is driving to the cabin for the night
and I am enjoying some quiet time on the computer...

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Ali Mc said...

haha sounds like a great 15 bday! your girls are seriously so cute :) or should I say pretty. Have fun at the cabin! YAY for the new url!

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