Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 days!!! seems like just yesterday I was taking pictures of the kiddos on their first day of school!

Kenzie...first day of to middle school and 6th grade

 Coley...9th grader and the HIGH SCHOOL!

Owen...3rd grade ...2 more years of elementary school but getting older and wiser every year.

So now fast forward to TODAY.  Today is the last day of May...their final day of school is June 7th,  next Thursday (which just happens to be hubby's birthday too)!  That makes 5 days left of peace and quiet. Of doing what I want to do in between work, household duties, errands, and the like but still its what I want to do and when I want to do it rather than hearing.......



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hiker mom said...

Wow, June 7th! My boys don't get out until the 27th! We had to make up a whole week of snow days this year. Yuck!