Thursday, April 12, 2012

What we've been up to

The kiddos before they were off in search of candy and coin filled plastic eggs. At first Coley (soon to be 15 in peach) wasn't feeling the "egg hunt" but after spotting a few choice eggs she fell right back into the usual role and the HUNT was on. No body finished empty handed. ;-)

After the hunt and lunch we dyed Easter eggs. Do you dye eggs? When do you do it? For the past Mmmmm? 5 years now we have dyed our eggs on Easter Sunday either before or after lunch depending on what we have planned. Is it weird that as I sit here ....I feel I can smell the "eggs" just as if I had opened the refrigerator door. CrAzY!

Kenzie proud of her carton full of eggs....She was dying like a mad woman this thought about what color? What mix? What to write on it before hand....just give her an egg and it got dunked. (Note the brownish one sitting by itself.... that was my attempt of mixing different dyes and trying to get a REAL looking egg. ) Real for what bird I am not sure. ha!

And finally, Just about 2 weeks out and my baby turns 9! Today I wrapped some gifts from grandma and grandpa.....Owen is getting VERY excited for HIS BIG DAY!


Losing Lindy said...

how did I miss this last entry??

Your kids are adorable.

ryc-I am not moving. I sent her a message via fb to explain that I am only changing jobs.

Have a good day!

Ali Mc said...

I love your kids - those girls though....I'm warning you, they're much too pretty, maybe why I won't be blessed with a girl - I'd hide her!! lol I don't trust men :P

and YAY for this little man turning 9 - so big guy!

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