Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Developed his (and our families) first case of cold sores around his nose, mouth and chin. I guess its like a herpes virus that can develop from a cold. He had a cold and a friend of his had some "stuff" around his nose when they played last week but I thought nothing of it....until my boy broke out in "spots"/pimples around his nose. Bummer! After reading up on the stuff in my "Medical Advisor" (which kind of makes me a self proclaimed doctor...ha!) I figured out what it was and that it pretty much has to run its course....wow! Kind of like a marathon huh?!

It's @ Day 5 or 6 now and they are looking much better.


After two nights of "night games" on some cooler nights she started to complain of her throat being sore and hurting...she is our girl who cries wolf a lot.....so, I blew it off like any normal mom would do and had them come with me to the Y yesterday to work out while I worked. We got home 3.5 hours later and she was REALLY milking the sore throat. By 7PM I said, "FINE! Lets go in" *bad mom moment* The test came back positive for Strep! First time a family member has had strep in this house!! Whoa...we are on a roll ....SPRING BREAK = SICK KIDS so far.


Sore throat...tired....but OK. Looking forward to a day of watching TV and surfing the web while I am at work again.


Afraid of getting all of the above. ;-( But, other than that....I feel good and I think I have been eating good however my running feels harder and harder. Not sure what my problem is......need to google stuff when I get home from work later.


Running is going great. (Says his newer shoes are awesome!) Working, bringing in the money and stressed all at the same time. ;-) Sounds like a typical day in the life huh?!

It's also kind of windy and cloudy here....hopefully it will rain....its a perfect long movie kind of day.


Losing Lindy said...

yikes...I hope everyone is getting better quickly

Michelle Dragoo said...

Oh gosh, sure hope they feel better soon! Abreva works wonders for cold sores by the way!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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