Friday, April 20, 2012

This is it!

I will be here tomorrow!

I will not have time for any more posts until AFTER the event and I HOPE...really HOPE I can have some pictures to share with you. (I often get caught up in the hoopla just being in the moment and forget to take pictures.)

The weather is reporting a chance of showers and probably a start temperature around 40. As long as it isn't a downpour I will be fine. I actually have been caught in the rain while running before and I kind of like it. weird? Not the major rainstorms....just enough to fully get wet, cooled off, and reenergized by it all....of course, I AM FREEZING once I get home but its nothing a HOT shower can't take away!

As of now HUBBY is going to RUN! WooHoo!!

As of now my throat still hurts and cough drops are my best friend.

As of now I am looking MORE forward to picking up my race packet today and checking out the Fitness Expo.....SCSU alum *which hubby is*....receive a FREE BONDI HEADBAND....I am so keeping it for myself!! YES! There are suppose to be a lot of vendors present and I am in need of a new sports bra so if there are good sales I may have to pick up one of those too. ;-)

First I have to go to work though....time to get ready....WISH ME LUCK! (and maybe a prayer or two wouldn't hurt either...ha! ;-)


Taryn said...

GOOD LUCK!! I will be going to the expo today even though I'm not running. Just want to check some things out!

If you check this..what's your bib#? I can watch you finish through the live stream and cheer you on!!! :D

Runner Maybe said...

Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful time.

Ali Mc said...

Good luck - so excited the hubs is running with you :)

Michelle Dragoo said...

Sounds amazing! How fun to run with your hubby! Can't wait to hear about it!

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