Monday, April 23, 2012

Some times things happen for a reason....

The "story"....sorry so long......

We parked in the lot and I gave hubby his keys (I always drive b/c I get car sick when others drive) He always takes the ignition key off the set and ties it around his shoelace before the run....done.

....minutes  pass.....

We are waiting in the road with about 5 minutes to spare before the start of the race and I notice a single lady standing pretty close to me.  She appeared about my age, my size, she head her iPod in her ears but I just thought..."Wow, here's a lady who is apparently by her self set to run....that was almost me if hubby's back wouldn't have come around"

Then, I thought...."I should talk to her ~ I wonder if she is from around here? Or did she drive far? Is she alone?"  

But, I didn't.

Then, I thought again..."You know if that was ME I would probably love some stranger to talk to me so I wouldn't have to feel so alone as everyone else around us had SOMEONE to talk to and laugh with".

But, I didn't.

Finally, I guess some thing or some one *God* gave me a little nudge b/c I sort of bumped her shoulder and said, "So are you running alone?  Is this your first Half Marathon?" She turned to me, took out her ear  buds and totally started talking....I found out this was actually going to be her 4th HALF and she is training for her first FULL in a month!  Way to go!  She was alone...her hubby was with the kids...this is HER time to do some thing for HER.  We had a minute to go...then the horn....we wished each other good luck and took off running.

13.1 miles later.....2 hours and 16 minutes to be exact....we got our post race eats and sat down ...who comes walking by but my "New Friend"....she asked how we did and we asked her how she did.  We were both wet and chilled so she was heading out and not stopping for food....BYE...(or so we thought).

15 minutes later we head to our car to get our dry clothes to change before the drive home.  It's raining pretty hard now....legs are aching...we get to the car and I ask hubby for the key...I look down and notice it's the KEY TO THE VAN..... NOT.... THE....CAR!!!

He took the wrong key off.

We were stranded, wet, being rained on, cold, everything was locked in our car.

Thoughts flew through my head...."Do we break a window?"....."We need to borrow a phone and call the police."...."What is this going to cost?"..... "Would it be cheaper to call someone to get the spare key from home and drive it up here?"  UGH!!!

Then, we hear her voice from behind...."Hey guys, did you lock your keys in your car?"  "I have AAA, I will call some one and you can sit in my vehicle until they get here....come on get out of the rain."

It was my "alone friend from the start".....the lady I thought I should talk to but it took me 3 times/thoughts to actually do it....she had parked literally one row and a couple of spots from us...she had been on her phone in her car (waiting for us?)....she noticed our plight and jumped out to help....she SAVED us from so much stress.  She was what I call our ANGEL of the day.

She not only had AAA, a phone, a warm car but, she also had a telephone book in her car!  She found a locksmith and called him.  He happened to be minutes from SCSU and he could be right over.  We talked and within 10 minutes the locksmith had our car open and we were on our way and so was our ANGEL.  (Michelle)

All I could say was....THAT WAS A GOD THING!

  • out of thousands of people we line up by her
  • I speak to her ...finally.  ;-)
  • we happen to see each other after to see how each did 
  • she hadn't left the parking lot yet?
  • she was parked a few feet away from us
  • she offered to help us

The race was great but, the stress she saved us was priceless!  Thanks God for placing Michelle in our path that day! ;-)

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Runner Maybe said...

Things happen for strange reasons. :) I am glad it all worked out.

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