Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick recap ~ EARTH DAY 1/2 Marathon!

We did it!

My night before started out throat and cough kept me up from 11:22pm - 1:20am ish...when I saw 5:15am on the clock I thought "Where did that night go?" Oh well, time to eat, get dressed and drive an hour and 20 minutes to the race.  We arrived about 7:40 and the race started at 8:30 we had plenty of time to hit the bathrooms, stretch, be thankful it wasn't raining (about 40 degrees and kind of sunny...for now!) and take it all in.

Before we knew it we heard them announce 10 MINUTES TIL RACE START! Wow! We lined up.  SCSU had some of their marching band on hand getting the crowd excited and then the horn blew....I must say the first 4 miles were great....nice weather, nice run, nice crowd and lots of excitement....then mile 5 came and so did the first drops of rain.  It kept dropping...more than a drizzle but, not a complete thunderstorm or any thing...we got soaked the bystanders had umbrellas and I thought I must be crazy!

We hit just inside an hour by mile 6! Feeling good UNTIL the RELAY RUNNERS did their handoff.  We were now running on a trail covered with some trees and sheltered from the wind and rain....feeling soaked, chilled and a tad tired then you hear cheering, screaming, yelling...what the?..."Yea, the handoff" the first leg runners were done.  (Oh, to be done!) (I told hubby I wish we were doing the relay this year!) Then all these fresh, free of sweat, and FAST second leg of the relay team runners start off.  Passing us left and right.  THAT was kind of depressing!

Mile 7-8-and-9 came and went.  The course had a handful of mini hills and turns.  They were OK but I think the cold, my throat, bad sleep and overall feeling of dehydration did me in.  I needed to stop at EVERY water station after mile 7.  I walked up a couple of the hills towards the end.  By mile 11- I was  saying to myself "I am NEVER doing this AGAIN!" "10 miles are ENOUGH FOR ME!"

Finally, mile marker 12 and then a short down hill to mile 13.....YES, I can see the FINISH line! We ran through together and I thought if any one bumped into me I would for sure fall over and never get up.  I drank a lot more water, got a bite to eat and THANKED GOD I made it!! 

Our day isn't over yet.....I still have an amazing story to share that weaves through out our race experience....however, I need to get ready for work so I will save that for another day.  ;-) 

And by the way....b/c this is how the "runners mind" works....I am now considering another HALF marathon.  What the?

Cute shirt sayings we saw but, I didn't have my camera with me to get an actual picture of:

"13.1 miles because I am only HALF crazy!"

"Not tonight HONEY because I have a half marathon to run in the morning."

"I'm not sweating....its my fat cells crying."

"I thought they said RUM!"

Overall, SCSU did a great job on the race....we may even go back next year! WooHoo!


Taryn said...

Awesome job!! Did you like the course? I felt awful when the rain started to come yesterday...was hoping it would let up for you least it wasn't burning hot!

Way to go!! Which ones are you considering in the future? We are thinking about doing a few down in the cities...there's another one up here in September too.

Ali Mc said...

YAY!!!! SO proud of you and so happy the hubs went too!!! I love all the signs you saw, especially the rum one ;) lol


and ps: I love the pic of you in the bondiband below!

Runner Maybe said...

Congrats on the getting it done. I think that would be tough to run with the relay peep also. Some being done and others blasting past with fresh legs. I have ran 3 halfs and it rained on my at all of them. I am not sure what its like not to run in the rain.:) Can't wait to hear your other story.

Danielle said...

Congrats on finishing the half!!! :)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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