Monday, April 9, 2012

OH the Sweet tooth has made a come back!

I don't know about you but I over did it with my eating yesterday!!

I ate breakfast at church. (pancakes, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs)
I ate handfuls of jelly beans when we got home. (Jolly Rancher flavored...yum!)

We ate lunch around 1PM. (cheesy potatoes and BBQ ribs....not just one serving of ribs mind you...I even went back for seconds!)

Then, more jelly beans and some chocolate eggs while sitting heavily on the couch watching the The Masters and Bubba Watson take home the green jacket!!!

Well, even though I kind of rolled myself off the couch .... I did promise the kids that I would make caramel rolls on Easter. They originally were going to be for breakfast until we changed our plans ~ ate at church ~ and volunteered with the senior high brunch "clean up duties". Soooo caramel rolls for supper!

I only make these certain rolls about 3 times a year....they are beyond yummy. We all love them and as full as we might have been we licked the plate clean. I rolled back to the couch for an episode of Long Island Medium (one of my new favorite shows) and then rolled up to bed.

Boy, what a day of sugar and simply over eating can do to you.

I felt kind of YUK this morning...but dragged my butt out of bed for a slow 4.75 miles. I have been craving sugar all day and really regretting my binge. Such the life. ;-(

On another note: SPRING BREAK is over!! The kiddos go back to school tomorrow...can you guess who's excited? And.....12 little ol' days til Earth Day Half Marathon...oh, how I hope I can make it the whole distance with out falling apart!


Michelle Dragoo said...

HEHE, I think I was only one of few who didn't indulge on Easter candy...I did however make up for it today with our secret squirrel stash of Dove chocolates! LOL!

Losing Lindy said...

hey we will be driving through MN soon, can we get some? ;)

Runner Maybe said...

my sweet tooth is the same way. I feel like once I have sugar that is all I want the rest of the day. I am an all or nothing addict. If I can resist it then I am good, but once I give in....bring on the sugar. Speaking of that Easter sugar cookies are calling my name.

Ali Mc said...

I have eaten so much chocolate my face looks like a teenagers ;)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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