Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Official...

He's 9
We Survived!

This is how he woke up Friday morning...
Streamers were all around him until dad forgot and turned the light on.
Unfortunately that also turned the fan on and the streamers got all tangled up!

(doesn't everyone sleep with a big fish?)

Yes, he gets a special spot!
A card, money!, another Wii game and doughnuts.

After school we picked up this crew~
Headed to the local theater
purchased a mere 8 ICEE'S....
and took in the Pirate movie.
(I would give it a "B" if rating it)

Time for pizza, chips and a ginormous cookie cake!
(I asked the boys if we should play a couple of games after pizza or have the cookie...
they started chanting "cookie, cookie, cookie")
 ....Yes, it was THAT decision boys!

As you can imagine...they are full and sugared up!
They played a couple of games but I was more in charge of "crowd control" at that point than snapping pictures.  The boys were off the wall...but manageable...I think they call that
"controlled chaos!"

We made the comment more than once
"boy parties are definitely different than girl parties"
(not better .... just different)

Owen's last request as he was ending his day of HONOR?
To sleep in between his mom and dad in our bed!
Well, YES!

Can't say NO to that...
even if I did have his foot in my back last night ... 
I know those requests will be fewer and fewer as he gets older and older.  

9 years old...WOW!

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Michelle Dragoo said...

This looks like SOOO much fun!!

How have you been spending your time???

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