Sunday, April 29, 2012

I ran 7.1 miles today b/c I WANTED to!?

Yep, you read that right.

Never in my life have I run that far b/c I WANTED to.

I am not currently signed up for any races.  I am thinking about a couple but they are all later in the summer end of August, mid September and of course, the MONSTER DASH on October 27th.

So, for now I am motivating myself to get out there and keep running and its working...I know, I know, its only been a week since the half but every day I run for myself is a GOOD day!!

And I have to I ran the whole way.  No walking up those hills baby!!  I actually switched up running on my forefoot and the dreaded heel strike...unfortunately my more "normal" stride.  I can totally tell a difference too.  The forefoot run *like running with heels on*or running on tip toes* works my quads more...keeps me upright and looking straight ahead.  (I think that is what PROPER running is suppose to look and feel like..ha!) The normal heel my hamstrings more...I tend to look down ???why???? and I breathe heavier...

However ~ when I changed it (my running style) up like I did today I felt really good....the 7 miles actually wasn't bad and I felt I could do more but didn't want to push it.  (So not an over achiever here!)

Maybe this running thing will really stick with me this time!!  Kind of excited to see if I can actually improve on my HALF MARATHON time and mental mind set.  For now, I will continue to look for different races in the summer rather than waiting until fall.  :-)

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