Saturday, April 14, 2012

I like ChAnGe!!

Can you tell?

I change my blog design depending on my mood or the weather for the day. Today its sunny (or at least it is right now....they say more showers are due to arrive later tonight).

Yesterday, hubby and I had a first!

It was the first time we volunteered to help with a race. The University of MN sponsors "Goldy's Run" a 10-miler and 5K race. Since we are running the Earth DAY Half next weekend we opted to NOT run this race but thought it would be fun to still be part of the activity.

So we decided to volunteer during packet pick up.

(And...volunteers received free parking, an "event team member" long sleeve t-shirt, and 2 tickets to a Gopher football game...since hubby and I both did it we will receive 4 tickets so we can hopefully bring friends or family with us to the game ) WooHoo! Love the perks!

*Actually I am all about the perks* ;-)

It was really FUN!

I may become a volunteer race junkie. Look out.


Jan said...

Fun! I like volunteering for races, too. You still get all the perks (t-shirt, treats, etc.) and none of the hard work! LOL

Runner Maybe said...

I so want to volunteer at an event this year. I just need to do it.

How have you been spending your time???

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