Friday, April 6, 2012

Bummed but Amazed.

Bummed yes. Two days ago I went running for the first time in my life with some one other than my hubby or (myself ;-). This was huge for me! I always felt so anxious at the thought of running with just another.
  • Will I hold the other back?
  • Will she hold me back? (ha! I knew better but....)
  • Will I pull something a mile in and have to quit?
  • Will we have some thing to talk about?
  • Will I even be able to talk or just breathe heavy?
So many many what ifs? So why ever go there? Well, I did and it all turned out great!

EXCEPT......once I got home my inner ankle starting hurting when I walked. I iced. Later my same ankle but on the outside started to hurt. I iced and took Ibu and eventually slept. Thursday it still hurt but not just in one spot...different throbbing at different times....I iced some more and took lots of IBU. NO Running. It's Friday....No Running!

My Half Marathon training calls for 12 miles tomorrow! The ankle is being iced as we speak/I post...whatever. ;-) It feels better and I am going to try running tomorrow to see how it feels and how far I can go.

I will be praying a lot tonight.

On another note.....I am AMAZED by my church.

We went to the Good Friday service at 4 PM. One of my daughters said before we left....."Well, we are going to a funeral...this should be fun." (With that 12 year old sarcasm you can imagine) For whatever reason I cannot remember going to this service ever before. We usually went to Maundy Thursday service and of course Easter but, I don't recall Good Friday. And, she was right. We were going to a that happened years ago and changed our life forever.

Many were dressed in black. The songs were very solemn. Our pastor and music/worship coordinator put together a wonderful scenario of stations that Jesus went through as he made his walk, carrying his cross, to the hill and his crucifixion. It moved me more than I thought it would.

If you have never been to a Good Friday service you should....if not this for sure!

You will be Amazed! Moved. Silent and maybe a little teary eyed and then so glad you did.

Have a great Saturday until Easter Sunday.......


Losing Lindy said...

I hope you feel better soon! I haven't been to a good friday service, I should.

Michelle Dragoo said...

you got this lady, never quit!

Laura said...

Just came across your blog... so sorry about the ankle pain, I just went through that a couple weeks ago, and thankfully am back to running pain-free now. And your service sounds amazing- sometimes it takes a lot to be touched by a story that we hear year after year. Happy Easter!

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