Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost time for new shoes...and a party!

I hear around 500 miles you should replace your running shoes....I just noticed I am at 405 miles on my current shoes!  WOW!

(Yes, I am patting myself on my back!)  ;-)

Only 95 to go and a new pair will be mine....although, after last week's run in the rain they feel kind of stretched out a bit so I may be getting a pair for Mother's Day?!  *hint *hint


More importantly:

My boy turns 9 tomorrow! 
He's probably only 5 in the above photo while holding our cat Dora but he hasn't changed a bit.........
as you can see below:

See he still has that cute teethie smile.
  (I am sure "teethie" is a word right?!)  

The above ice cream photo was taken just last weekend when we had a little "early" birthday gift opening and ice cream sundae's....per his request.  Tomorrow he is having a little party with 7 friends....heading to the movies right after school~home for pizza and cake~play time and night games....what more could a almost 9 year old ask for?  

(Besides seeing his cousins and grandma and grandpa in DL?.....Next weekend buddy~) 


Taryn said...

How much fun is that!?!? What a cute picture!!

engums said...

Happy Birthday to Owen tormorrow!!

How have you been spending your time???

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