Monday, March 26, 2012

YumMe....Foody thoughts

So today I mixed up some of this in my Magic Bullet with a good hand full of ice.....

(can't ya just hear it whirring away????) Whhrrr...crunch...whhrr...swish...get the picture?

And WaaLah......(my form of TaDa!)

The dirt look just makes your mouth water doesn't it?

Does it look better here?

No flash....actually makes it look muddier...just like my backyard from the rain today.

I was a little nervous to taste it and to my SURPRISE (but not really) I LOVED IT!!!

REALLY it was one of the BEST Smoothies EVER!! How dare I doubt myself. ;-)

The other day I made these little desserts for the family. Frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate. (No, I did not get caught in the rain. I just showered and was in the mood for a little some thing so this was what I ate....they are gone now but I know I will be making more in the future!)
Easy steps:

1. Cut bananas and stick skewer through the middle.
2. Put into freezer and let get cold for a couple of hours.
3. Melt dark chocolate carefully (I used a bar I found in the boxed cake aisle of Target) in microwave ... don't want to burn the good stuff.
4. Either roll or drizzle chocolate over the banana....the cool thing...b/c the banana is cold the chocolate sticks right to it. YUM! If you want you can roll in chopped walnuts/peanuts for variety...I had some slivered almonds and tried it on one it was wonderful but I liked it plain too.
5. Eat and Enjoy right away or place back in freezer.

note: I had two kiddos who refused to try one b/c I told them it was dark chocolate and not milk about picky?!...LUCKY ME I got to eat BOTH of theirs the following day. I did not cover them when I placed them in the freezer over night and they tasted as good as the fresh ones did. ;-)


Losing Lindy said...

Yay for you getting theirs!

Jen said...

dark chocolate is the trick to keep the kids out of them! :)

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