Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung...

Happy Spring from our NEST to yours!

*this was built by some friendly fellows a couple of years ago in a wreath I had hanging by our front door...she laid 3 lovely eggs in there too but, the busyness of the door being opened and shut pretty much killed their development.* ;-(

Exercise note:

Today I went back to BodyPump!! The first time since November 2011 and my rotator injury...I TOTALLY modified a lot of arm/shoulder stuff and barely used any weights (if at all on the chest exercises...that one got me??! Not sure why?) The squats and lunges felt great though!! YEA...I sooo need to work on that area!

Here's hoping I am feeling just as good tomorrow as I do now.


Taryn said...

Awesome on getting back to Body Pump!

Taryn said...

We are thinking about doing the Earth Day Run...can't decide if we want to do the half relay or the full thing. I hear there is an awesome downhill in the middle, but then towards the end, there are some slow hills to get up. I'm not super familiar with the course, but I know it runs on the trails for a little while, and those are beautiful!

Taryn said...

Oh I'm sorry! It's a relay for the HALF....so we would each go about 6.75 miles. :) (just a little easier for us!)

There is a 20 mile option though...but not for me! :)